HOPP Database

Developed Haematology & Oncology database system for Royal Perth Hospital. This database system create and organise Haematology & Oncology regimens. It creates patient treatments and generate complex treatment charts dynamically.
It has MS Access frontend with advanced VBA to perform many automated tasks, perform various checks and many calculations along with physical files management. The backend database is developed in MS SQL Server.

What i do: MS Access + VBA , MS SQL Server, PDF design

IPAMS Database

Developed IPA Drugs Management System database for WA department of health. IPAMS is a very complex database system, It has wizard based interface to register IPAs. It has advanced notifications system and is multi site application. It has IPAs expiry system and has a Blog module too.
Its developed in MS Access using advanced VBA. It also has document management system incorporated into it. Its link to MS SQL Server backend database.

What i do: MS Access + VBA , MS SQL Server, File Scripting

First Seizer Database

Developed First Seizure database for department of neurology to help assist capturing patient data, process patient data and produce data stats. It have various automations using advanced VBA. it perform many calculations and data quality checks.
It has a frontend developed in MS Access and is linked to a backend database developed in MS Access.

What i do: MS Access, VBA

Clinical Trials Database

Developed Clinical Trials database for Fiona Stanley Hospital. Its a very advanced level database system for clinical trials. The system organise clinical trials, and generate costing. Its has Artificial Intelligence system to estimate, calculate and generate invoices. Hundereds of invoices can be generated automatically in PDF format along with spreadsheets.
The system interact with the central pharmacy system called iPharmacy. It generate both quotes & invoices.

What i do: MS Access, VBA , PDF design, Spreadsheet generator

ATOM Study Website

Developed The Western Australia Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia study for Lions Eye Institute. Its an online website for the study.
Its developed using advanced level of HTML5, CSS and javascripts. It has clean design and Google map is also incorporated.

What i do: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, Logo Design